The RetroPlate Polishing System

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System

The RetroPlate™ System provides a sealed, dust proof, abrasion resistant surface for your concrete floor. It gives a marble-like shine and reduces maintenance dramatically. It is the only system available offering the above results immediately and permanently. RetroPlate reacts chemically and mechanically with the concrete to transform your bare concrete in a beautiful, abrasion resistant showpiece.

No more coating and waxing. No more peeling, flaking, and inevitable replacement of coatings and paints. No more costly maintenance and downtime. Let the RetroPlate System turn your floor into an enduring source of pride. The RetroPlate System is much more cost-effective than limited-life coating systems and the maintenance and re-application associated with them.

Retro Plate Advantages

Increased abrasion resistance up to 400%

Increased reflectivity up to 30%

Increased impact resistance up to 21%

Eliminates need for topical sealers

Maintenance is only damp mop/sweep

Meets OSHA and ADA SCOF Standards

Eliminates moisture-related adhesive failures – BREATHABLE

Restores old slabs/eliminates dusting/spalling

Qualifies for use on LEED projects

Looking for residential or standard commercial polishing?

Price Details

Lowest Life Cycle Cost

RetroPlate has the LOWEST per square foot life-cycle cost of any floor covering or coating. It saves money in both the initial installation, as well as in future maintenance and labor costs. Rather than cover up the floor with multiple coatings to hide the inherent problems of concrete, our Certified Applicators create polished floors to last a lifetime. Through the use of grinding and polishing, in conjunction with the specially formulated RetroPlate product, there is no need for topical sealers.

Compare the RetroPlate System with other flooring solutions below.


RetroPlate $4.00 – $6.50

RetroPlate with Acid Stain $5.00 – $7.50 

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