Are you building a new home or renovating an existing house in Dallas, Fort Worth?

We can help! Experience the beauty and durability of Concrete Flooring you will love, Guaranteed!

Unleash Style and Functionality in Your Home with Dallas Fort Worth Concrete Flooring for New Homes and Renovations. At Decorative Concrete of Texas, your premier choice, our expertise in concrete flooring solutions brings unmatched quality to every project.

Discover the Growing Trend of Decorative Concrete Floors

Many new home builders and owners in Dallas and Fort Worth welcome, embrace, and anxiously pursue decorative concrete floors for their new homes. Whether it’s a feature in a magazine, on a home tour, on a television show, or in a friend’s home, one look is all it takes to fall in love!

Excellence in Concrete Flooring for New Homes in Dallas Fort Worth

This new, popular flooring material is a favorite among designers and homeowners across the United States. Concrete floors in stained, colored, coated, and personalized finishes are gaining popularity in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices, and homes throughout the Dallas Fort Worth MetroplexOpt for a decorative concrete finish to enjoy a multitude of interior flooring options boasting limitless designs, colors, and health benefits.

Revolutionizing Renovations with DFW Concrete Flooring

For instance, one of the most common places you’ll find decorative concrete is right under your feet. Notably, at Decorative Concrete of Texas, our motto is “Quality you can stand on!” we deliver just that! Additionally, we take pride in assisting hundreds of homeowners throughout North Texas with high-quality flooring, craftsmanship, and genuine customer service. Our coatings come standard with an industry-leading 15-year residential concrete coating warranty to protect both of our investments. 

Whether it’s an acid stain, an overlay, a pool deck, a patio, stairs, walkways, radiant interior floors, or a unique personal garage floor, our concrete coatings offer versatility and aesthetic appeal unmatched by other materials. Indeed, no longer just a standard-grade sub-slab finish, concrete flooring is now a statement of modern elegance.

Building a New Home on Your Own in Dallas, Fort Worth? Let us help! Our team provides you with top-tier concrete flooring solutions that are perfect for both new homes and renovation projects. By choosing Decorative Concrete of Texas, you’re opting for style and significant savings by cutting out the high cost of tile, hardwood, and carpet. Moreover, concrete is the only flooring option with virtually zero replacement cost over its lifetime.

Explore just a few of the latest home trends in Epoxy Garage Floor solutions and Concrete Patio Coatings to see how you can enhance your new home. You could use the money you saved to get the last garage floor coating your house will ever need or get that seamless concrete patio covering your beautiful new home deserves!

Plan Your Dream Home with Confidence: If you’re financing your build, we can provide accurate pricing for your concrete solutions, helping you plan and arrange funds with your lender right from the start. Why wait? Why miss out on services that contractors and builders have been enjoying for years? We can price your project directly from your house plans.

Ready to transform your Dallas, Fort Worth home with our expert concrete flooring solutions? Contact us today for your new home or renovation project! Send your plans and pictures to or call us at +1 (214) 471-6134.

dallas fort worth concrete flooring for new homes and renovations
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